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EXTRA… CHESS Tournament for the Month!

Date:   12/2; 12/9

Game 30; d5, 2 SECTIONS, 4 ROUNDS.

LOCATION:  Saint Petersburg Chess Club 540 4th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 (it is located in between Mirror Lake and the Coliseum, next to the Sunshine Center.)

ENTRY FEE:  $25.00 if you pay in advance (to the day before the tournament)

$30 if you pay Saturday

You can pay with credit card on my website: or If you have Pay Pal you can pay me through You can pay with Zelle ,or with   Venmo to Timotey Gospodinov. When you pay just mention for which tournament you are paying.

USCF membership is required. Please check your USCF ID and renew it if it has expired. If you need me to do it on site add $5 to your bill.

ROUNDS:  Four Rounds, First starts at approx. 11:00 a.m.

TIME CONTROL: G30 ; d5 (30 minute with 5 second delay)


1.   Over 1000
2.    Under 1000


OVER 1000 SECTION:  If 20 players: $105-65-50.  U1800 -$45; U1400-$45; U1000-trophies for 1st to 3rd place.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To secure your spot Pay online ahead of time!


Website & Facebook group:  Visit our website- for more info, pre-registration and prepay. Join Facebook group-

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My Thoughts on the 2018 World Chess Championship

The chess world may hate me, but hear it goes. The champion GM Magnus Carlsen had no intention of trying to win classical chess time control. The game plan from day one was to go to the tie breaks (he has done this twice before). He (Maggie) knew that the “Rapid” time control Fabiano Caruana had little chance to win, if any. Maggie (ranked #1) had about 100 points over Fabi (Ranked #10), which is about two classes above Fabi, and the “Blitz” time control, well, Maggie (ranked #1) (Fabi ranked #16) would have had to drop dead to lose. I personally feel this sudden death crap will let Maggie remain Champ until he quits chess. How about starting the next championship duel with the “Rapid” and “Blitz” first, so we don’t have to listen to a bunch of crap of how exciting the draws were. The one plus side was Anish Giri. He had the best commentary of all the people shox tlx 0018 for sale ebay cheap shoes | nike jordan brand apparel outlet coupon store Pro Green DJ6152 – tiger nike vapor max plus women jeans size – SBD , 300 pale Date

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Chess Game Day @ The Dali Museum

Thursday March 29 – Chess Game Day @ The Dali Museum WAS A HUGE SUCCESS

Partners: US Chess Federation, Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade (WGM),

St. Petersburg Chess Club and Acor Chess Academy

 Chess was played from 10 am till 4 pm while lecture on Marcel DuChamp  was given by Jennifer in the theater. There was hula chess demonstrated and kids also hula hooped while playing chess. The USCF was represented by Carol Meyer, Executive Director.  Several hundred people watched and played! At 6 pm we had three presenters, FM Cory Acor, WGM Jennifer Shahade and Antony Gospodinov give a 20 board Simul.  Gave out prizes, including a family yearly pass to the Dali Museum for each of the 20 boards. I had a GREAT time!!Buy Duratrek Waterproof Sport Hiker Boots from the MysneakersShops online shop | lebron 12 cork ebay – 308 – BQ6472 – Air Jordan 1 WMNS Mid Dark Teal Green

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Google Maps

We are now in Google Maps. If you need to locate us, type in Google Maps, St. Petersburg Chess Club, and it will point to the building and address of our Chess Club. We are now on the map!Nike Air Jordan Rojas Negras por 64, 95€ | Oferta | nike air force nylon pack red wine glasses walmart, Envío Gratis | nike womens pro hyperwarm tights black volt womens clothing

Remodeled Bathroom

Our restroom was gutted and remodeled. New walls, sink, toilet and floor was the order of the day. Some things were omitted due to cost, for example, urinal and tile for the walls. Due to extreme termite damage in the walls (missing studs or partial studs) that have to be repaired to keep walls from crashing down. Not really pleased with contractor as we have to finish the little things they did not complete. But we have a new and clean restroom! Next, get the floor cleaned and waxed! Want to help? Call me.

Gene Randolph

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Thank You!

We wish to thank the parents for bring their children down to the chess club on Fridays.

From about 5:30 pm to around 8:30 pm the kids play chess and learn new ways to beat the adults! I just love it!

Christmas party information will be finalized shortly, so watch for updates!!

Come to the Chess Club to play REAL people, not online computers!

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A Christmas Present from the City of St. Petersburg

The Club will be closed on December 2 and 3 do to the removal of the 83 year old floor and installation of a new floor! The checkered board square pattern will remain because we belong to the National Historic Registry. This is great news for the Club because we will have a new floor for the Annual Meeting and Party December 21. All are welcome to the Party!  Please bring a dish to add to the feast!          Merry Christmas!!       December 1 Sunday@ 1:00pm we will some help moving the tables and stuff outside so the floor can be done!


The floor looks Great!! New baseboards also! So we painted the columns .  I wish to thank the people that helped me get the stuff out and into the club during this time! The floor took longer expected to install (5 days) but the wait was worth it!

Come to the Chess Club to see the beautiful floor etc.Latest Nike Air More Uptempo “Split” Black/University Red/Midnight Navy/White 2021 For Sale DJ4400 – 001 – nike lunarlon mens white pants shoes | ladies nike blazer low top pink on sale

Tampa Chess Players!

We invite Tampa chess players to come to St. Petersburg Chess Club for tournaments run by the U.S.C.F. rules and regulations with complete fairness! We do not recommend or condone  playing in Hoffer’s Chess Academy Tournaments!!! SEE the latest site information  for Future Events At the St. Petersburg Chess Club!Air Jordan 1 Low “Paris” White/Sky Grey – nike magista x proximo street ic black pink color – 100 – Football Grey CV3043 | Shoes NIKE – IetpShops – coral nike free run woman size 9 shoes in european – Sneakers – Low shoes , Men’s shoes – Air Max 270 React AO4971 004 Black/White/Black

Page-When to Use a Knee Brace to Get Your Dog Moving Again?-lovepluspet

Our best buddies and companions are our dogs. Our relationship is strengthened and our dogs’ minds and bodies are stimulated when we go for walks, hikes, jogs, and runs with them. It makes sense that we would want to do all within our power to keep our puppies active for as long as possible when they begin to exhibit issues with their everyday behaviors.
More and more canines are benefited by Lovepluspet’s assortment of dog knee braces. Specifically, braces are becoming more and more common to help dogs stay active for longer periods of time. There are numerous support choices available for dogs of different sizes and shapes, whether they are knee braces for tiny dogs or leg braces for larger hounds.

What is a knee brace for a dog?

A canine knee brace is a type of medical aid that is typically made of fabric, Velcro, metal braces, and other materials. Its purpose is to support and stabilize dogs that have knee issues. This brace can aid with pain relief, joint support, and preserving correct alignment when moving. It can also provide a cozy healing atmosphere and aid in dogs’ mobility rehabilitation.

Options for surgery for your dog

To choose the best course of action for any significant injury, it is advisable to speak with your veterinarian. To offer you the best chance of a long-term recovery in severe circumstances, your veterinarian could advise surgery. Nevertheless, a dog’s senior age or health issues frequently make surgery an impractical option. Currently, in order to replace the surgical procedure, several dog knee braces are required.

When is using a dog knee brace necessary?

Leg braces are frequently used in reaction to a behavioral shift in dogs or a diagnosis made by a veterinarian. Dogs are unable to express where they suffer or what is stressing them out, which is an issue. While physical activity may be the cause of some conditions, breed or an inclination to certain injuries may be the cause of others.
Smaller breeds tend to have more proportionate weight and size, therefore leg and knee injuries are less likely. Nonetheless, smaller breeds are more likely to experience patellar luxation (MPL or LPL). Some indications that your dog might benefit from a leg brace are as follows:
Lack of mobility or altered gait

Severe discomfort or pain whether walking or moving around
Throat pain in specific places when touched
Losing one’s agility or coordination and dragging one foot
Rise gradually from your resting position.
How do knee braces for dogs function?

For dogs with ACL tears, a straightforward, non-invasive treatment option is a dog knee brace. Ligaments support the canine stifle joint, which is similar to the human knee. The instability of the joint caused by torn or injured ligaments can cause discomfort, muscular atrophy, and lameness. The purpose of lovepluspet’s selection of dog knee braces is to immobilize the joint in order to enhance stability and facilitate joint healing. Restricting knee flexion and extension promotes the healing of the tear by forming a callus from scar tissue.

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