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June 18 - Simul and Lecture with GM Vladimir Georgiev

On June 18 from 10:30 am we are going to have a simul and lecture with GM Vladimir Georgiev at the Saint Petersburg Chess Club (up to 25 players). Register now to secure your spot. Tomorrow can be too late. Everyone who wins or draws against him will receive a free chess lesson from him. Everyone can take pictures with him and ask questions as well. You can play a simul with National and Florida State Champion Antony Gospodinov too, and if you win or draw, you will receive a trophy. Also, we are going to have ruffle with at least 5 winners. It will be a fun and exciting day!

Start time: 10:30 am

Fee: $25 if you pay by Friday 17 - $30 on site.

$10 for spectators (They can listen to the lecture, participate in the raffle, watch the simul, and ask questions/ take pictures with Vladimir).

You can pay with credit card on my website: - just go to “PAY YOUR ENTRY FEE “ or If you have Pay Pal you can pay me through You can pay with Zelle to my email  or with   Venmo to Timotey Gospodinov.

GM Georgiev, is a strong GM, peak rating 2600 and trainer of GM Jeffery Xiong, World Champion U20 (2016) and winner of World Open (2019). He was also the coach of GM Antoaneta Stefanova, the 2004 Women’s World Chess Champion and runner-up in the 2012 Championship. He was also the coach of WGM Nurgul Salimova the U12 World Champion in 2015. He was of the USA team in the World Youth Championship held in Uruguay in 2018.

He is a certified FIDE trainer and has been a Grandmaster since 2000. He has many students in the US that have won numerous national and international medals. He has participated in 8 Olympics games as a player and a coach. He has played World Champion Magnus Carlsen and top American player and challenger to Carlsen in 2018, Fabiano Caruana.

My Thoughts on the 2018 World Chess Championship

The chess world may hate me, but hear it goes. The champion GM Magnus Carlsen had no intention of trying to win classical chess time control. The game plan from day one was to go to the tie breaks (he has done this twice before). He (Maggie) knew that the “Rapid” time control Fabiano Caruana had little chance to win, if any. Maggie (ranked #1) had about 100 points over Fabi (Ranked #10), which is about two classes above Fabi, and the “Blitz” time control, well, Maggie (ranked #1) (Fabi ranked #16) would have had to drop dead to lose. I personally feel this sudden death crap will let Maggie remain Champ until he quits chess. How about starting the next championship duel with the “Rapid” and “Blitz” first, so we don’t have to listen to a bunch of crap of how exciting the draws were. The one plus side was Anish Giri. He had the best commentary of all the people analyzing.Buy Sneakers | IetpShops , New Balance 327 Moonbeam Leopard , men air max jordan 13 , 4011496719 , Where To Buy

Chess Game Day @ The Dali Museum

Thursday March 29 – Chess Game Day @ The Dali Museum WAS A HUGE SUCCESS

Partners: US Chess Federation, Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade (WGM),

St. Petersburg Chess Club and Acor Chess Academy

 Chess was played from 10 am till 4 pm while lecture on Marcel DuChamp  was given by Jennifer in the theater. There was hula chess demonstrated and kids also hula hooped while playing chess. The USCF was represented by Carol Meyer, Executive Director.  Several hundred people watched and played! At 6 pm we had three presenters, FM Cory Acor, WGM Jennifer Shahade and Antony Gospodinov give a 20 board Simul.  Gave out prizes, including a family yearly pass to the Dali Museum for each of the 20 boards. I had a GREAT time!!Sports brands | nike air coos womens soccer league

Google Maps

We are now in Google Maps. If you need to locate us, type in Google Maps, St. Petersburg Chess Club, and it will point to the building and address of our Chess Club. We are now on the map!Asics shoes | Grailify – 2006 nike air 312180 women basketball player – Space Jam x Nike Lebron 18 Low Wile E. x Roadrunner

Remodeled Bathroom

Our restroom was gutted and remodeled. New walls, sink, toilet and floor was the order of the day. Some things were omitted due to cost, for example, urinal and tile for the walls. Due to extreme termite damage in the walls (missing studs or partial studs) that have to be repaired to keep walls from crashing down. Not really pleased with contractor as we have to finish the little things they did not complete. But we have a new and clean restroom! Next, get the floor cleaned and waxed! Want to help? Call me.

Gene Randolph

PresidentAsics shoes | nike lebron x gold white for sale on amazon

Thank You!

We wish to thank the parents for bring their children down to the chess club on Fridays.

From about 5:30 pm to around 8:30 pm the kids play chess and learn new ways to beat the adults! I just love it!

Christmas party information will be finalized shortly, so watch for updates!!

Come to the Chess Club to play REAL people, not online computers!

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A Christmas Present from the City of St. Petersburg

The Club will be closed on December 2 and 3 do to the removal of the 83 year old floor and installation of a new floor! The checkered board square pattern will remain because we belong to the National Historic Registry. This is great news for the Club because we will have a new floor for the Annual Meeting and Party December 21. All are welcome to the Party!  Please bring a dish to add to the feast!          Merry Christmas!!       December 1 Sunday@ 1:00pm we will some help moving the tables and stuff outside so the floor can be done!


The floor looks Great!! New baseboards also! So we painted the columns .  I wish to thank the people that helped me get the stuff out and into the club during this time! The floor took longer expected to install (5 days) but the wait was worth it!

Come to the Chess Club to see the beautiful floor Running shoes | Iicf, Patike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium , nike dunk id shoe online india, Retro Klasici, Sneakers

Tampa Chess Players!

We invite Tampa chess players to come to St. Petersburg Chess Club for tournaments run by the U.S.C.F. rules and regulations with complete fairness! We do not recommend or condone  playing in Hoffer’s Chess Academy Tournaments!!! SEE the latest site information  for Future Events At the St. Petersburg Chess Club!Sneakers Store | Ietp – Women’s Nike Air Force 1 trainers – Latest Releases , nike lebron low st paul park hours today show live