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ST. PETERSBURG QUAD FORMAT CHESS TOURNAMENT WILL BE ON 3/16/2020. Our second Tournament, first one was a HUGE success!
WHAT IS QUAD CHESS TOURNAMENT ?    After all the players have entered, they’re ordered from highest rating to lowest.  Unrated players are placed at the low end.The top four players are placed into their own section (a “quad”), then the next four highest in another section, and so on down the list.  The players in each quad play a round robin, one game against each of the players in their section, for a total of three games each.  If there is not an even multiple of four players, the lowest section (usually) will have the few extra players and play a three round Swiss tournament rather than a round robin. The quad format is popular in one day events, and results in players of the most similar playing strengths being paired together for all three rounds. A Quad Tournament consists of the top four ranked players (#s 1-4) on the Chess Ladder playing each other, then the second top four ranked players (#s 5-8) playing each other, then the third top four ranked players(#s 9-12) playing each other, and so forth. Each group of four chess players is called a Quad.
ADVANTAGES OF QUAD TOURNAMENTS : The advantage of Quad Tournaments, and why players enjoy them so much, is that players of the same strength and experience are able to compete against each other. In addition, the less experienced players in last Quads are able to win the same “First Place” prizes as their more experienced, stronger counterparts in Quad I and II. You have opportunity your rating to go up faster!!!
LOCATION: Saint Petersburg Chess Club 540 4th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 (it is located in between Mirror Lake and the Coliseum, next to the Sunshine Center.)
Registration: 10:00-10:45 a.m. To secure your place we recommend pre-registering or just reply on this E-mail.
Entry Fee: $25.00 if register or pay in advance (just replay on this email, text me on my Cellphone, or call me)
$30 if you come without registration.
USCF membership is required; you may get one on site.
Rounds: Three Rounds, First starts at approx. 11:00 a.m.
PRIZES: $65 for first place at each Quad (if two players tied for 1st place $33 each)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to space limitation, please reserve ahead of time to guarantee your spot by sending an email to or call (727) 776-5583 after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays for more questions.
Website & Facebook group:  Visit our new website- for more info, pre-registration and prepay. Join Facebook group-