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The City Slams The Door On All Clubs!

Pandemic, COVID-19 (Kung Flu II) hits the city of St. Petersburg! We have been notified that Mirror Lake complex is now CLOSED. All classes, activities, lectures, rentals, meetings have been cancelled. This does include Lawn Bowl, Chess Club, Shuffleboard Club, SPIFFS, Bike Co-Op. Thank You, China! For the second time! First time was in 1918.

The year was 1918, the so called “Spanish Flu” began to kill 50 to 100 million people world wide (excluding China where it started, no records) now called “Swine Flu” because they say they “think” it jumped from pigs to humans, it did not. I believe it started from the Chinese eating bats. The world did all the steps we are doing today, and they were fighting a war. The problem happened when the “curve flattened” they thought it was over! the H1N1 (swine flu) virus mutated a little bit and really went on a killing spree, this was called the second wave. Total dead in USA 675,000. Killed more Americans than all the 20th century wars we were in combined. Today, I’m waiting for the second wave to start, God help us!