OPEN For Business Friday October 30

After a long RED Flu (COVID-19) closures, the City says the club can open for play with the following Rules to adhere to, to contain the spread of RED Flu. 


1.   Require staff and players to wear a face covering when within 6′ of others.

2.   Players should also maintain social distancing when at the site.

3.   Players will be required to self-screen for fever or any COVID-19 symptoms prior to attendance.

4.   Building will be stocked with hand sanitizer and/or soap both in front of the front door and inside.

5.   Building will be sanitized daily — wiped down or fogged with disinfectant.

6.   Adults waiting on children must wait outside the Chess Club building with mask on or socially distant.

7.   There will be no sharing of food (ie; buffet, open snacks on a tray)

These Rules will be followed or the club will close again!

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