January 2 (SUNDAY)


There is going to be a Saint Petersburg Open Championship!!! Just for this tournament we will have extra prizes. The name of the winner will be put on a  plaque in the chess club forever, and the winner will also receive a big chess trophy and Cash prize !!!

Our Next OPEN Chess Tournament:

January 2, 2022

Next QUAD Tournament: 

January 22

 2022 Tournament Dates 

OPEN Tournament Dates   ; 2/5 ; 3/5

Quad Tournament Dates:  ; 1/22 ; 2/19 ; 3/26

The 7th Annual Gulf Coast New Year’s Open
January 7-9 or 8-9 at the Embassy Suites in Fort Myers-Estero, Florida

Please add these dates to your Calendar

LOCATION: Saint Petersburg Chess Club, 540 4th Avenue North. Saint Petersburg, FL  33701 (and is located in between Mirror Lake and the Coliseum, next to the Sunshine Center.) We are in Google Maps!

There is no more social distancing in city facilities and we are now allowing full capacity of Saint Petersburg Chess Club (up to 44 players). The State has said no masks necessary, but I am encouraging everyone to wear one. If you are vaccinated and you don’t want to wear a mask it is Ok to play without a mask.

For the QUAD tournaments. After all the players have entered, they’re ordered from highest rating to lowest.  Unrated players are placed at the low end. The top four players are placed into their own section (a “quad”), then the next four highest in another section, and so on down the list.  The players in each quad play a round robin, one game against each of the players in their section, for a total of three games each.  If there is not an even multiple of four players, the lowest section (usually) will have the few extra players and play a three round Swiss tournament rather than a round robin. The quad format is popular in one day events, and results in players of the most similar playing strengths being paired together for all three rounds. A Quad Tournament consists of the top four ranked players (#s 1-4) on the Chess Ladder playing each other, then the second top four ranked players (#s 5-8) playing each other, then the third top four ranked players(#s 9-12) playing each other, and so forth. Each group of four chess players is called a Quad.

Registration: 10:00-11:00 a.m. We Highly recommend preregistering (cheaper).
Entry Fee: $25.00 - $30 if you come without pre-registration. USCF membership is required; and may be acquired on site. Please check your USCF ID and renew it if it has expired. If you need me to do it on site add $5 to your total bill.
Rounds: Four Rounds-First starts at approx. 11:00 a.m. Bring your clock!
Time ControlGame 40 minute with 5 second delay digital (Game 45 min. for each player with analog clocks)
Section 1 (Rated Over 1000) (Open): Money based on 20 entries: $105-65-50. 
Section 2 (Rated Under 1000): There will be separate prizes for the Under 1000 section. If we don’t have enough players for this section, they will be transferred to the Over 1000 section. There will be separate prizes for the Under 1000 section.
 Every tournament, we will have a raffle between players after the second round. The winner (three winners) can choose between many chess items, such as a Chess T-shirt, Chess set combo, mouse pads, chess mugs, hats, key chain flash lights, chess calendars all with chess signatures on them and/or discounts for future tournaments.
Website & Facebook group:  Visit our new website-   for more info, pre-registration and prepay. Join Facebook group-
The Discounts:
1. Bring a Friend who has never played before at the St.Petersburg Chess Club ( SPCC ) and you will pay $5 less for the current tournament.
2. If you are a member of the SPCC, you always pay $5 less for the entry fee (Membership card required) .
3. If you pay in advance for 4 tournaments in a row, your fifth will be free plus you will receive a gift from the SPCC.
4. For groups of players (5 or more), everyone pays $5 less.
5. Any coach who bring at least 4 students will play at our tournament for free.
SEE YOU THERE!! and PLEASE, Bring your Clocks! 


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