Chess Game Day @ The Dali Museum

Thursday March 29 – Chess Game Day @ The Dali Museum, St Petersburg, FL

Partners: US Chess Federation, Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade (WGM),

St. Petersburg Chess Club and Acor Chess Academy

 10:30 – 11:30 Lecture “Duchamp Through the 64 Square Looking Glass” in The Dali Theater – with Jennifer Shahade a chess champion, commentator, Co-author of Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess and US Chess Digital Editor.  Shahade will talk about Dalí and Duchamp’s chess connection, explore highlights of Marcel Duchamp’s chess career, while showing some of her own projects inspired by Duchamp, such as Roulette Chess*, Naked Chess and Hula Chess**.  Shahade is also a board member of the World Chess Hall of Fame, a PokerStars Ambassador and author of Play Like A Girl and Chess Bitch.  Free admission.  Check-in 10am.  Lecture will be simultaneously cast to meet overflow attendance in the Raymond James Community Room.

*    Roulette Chess was co-created with Larry List 

** Hula Chess and Naked Chess were co-created with Daniel Meirom 

  • 10am – 4pm Chess Game Exhibitions, Raymond James Community Room.  Free admission. Tampa Bay area ranked chess players (seniors, adults, young adults, teens) will play each other for Museum visitors to observe ranked players in 40 minute games throughout the day.  Additional chessboards will be available for visitors to play spontaneous games.  Members of the St Petersburg Chess Club, SPCC President and Chess Coach Gene Randolph, Acor Chess Academy coaches and other area chess club members will be available to coach and answer questions about the game of chess.
  • 5pm to 6pm Surreal Simul Chess Games event attendee check – in, distribute name tags and Simul table assignments
  • 6pm to 8pm Surreal Simul Games in Dali Museum Raymond James Community Room.  By reservation only.  $5 fee.  Event attendees/players will be assigned Simul Table by lottery.  Simul tables of up to 20 each. If Simul event player is a youth (Under 18, One adult/parent can accompany for viewing with no charge).  No seats will be available for viewers.
  • It is recommended that all Simul Event guests be ranked players.  The Dali will collect rank and age information at RSVP, name and contact info  in case the Museum needs to contact event player in advance to game.
  • A simultaneous chess exhibition is a game in which one player (typically of high rank, such as a grandmaster or master) plays multiple games at a time with a number of other rated players. Often referred to simply as a “simul.”
  • Surreal Simul Games at The Dali Museum will be led by:
    • Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade
    • Florida Speed Chess Champion 2017, Corey Acor, Acor Chess Academy
    • Anthony Gospodinov, 11 year old A player.  Two Time National Champion & Two Time Florida State Champion for Scholastic Chess
    • 20 event guests per Simul table, each game will last 1 ½ hours to 2 hours
    • Must be flexible if the Simul tables goes longer.

We Need Your Help!

This time of year the Club has some large expenses . For example, Club insurance,  A review of the last few months indicates that it may have slipped some folks minds to pay their dues.  You can look at your membership card and it will tell you what month you are due to pay. Our bank account is critically low after insurance payment was increased by 25%.
Please make your payment this week, so, in order to be able to gather and play the game we love we have to keep the club open independently.
Thanks so much for your cooperation and your timely payment!!!
Gene Randolph

Google Maps

We are now in Google Maps. If you need to locate us, type in Google Maps, St. Petersburg Chess Club, and it will point to the building and address of our Chess Club. We are now on the map!

Remodeled Bathroom

Our restroom was gutted and remodeled. New walls, sink, toilet and floor was the order of the day. Some things were omitted due to cost, for example, urinal and tile for the walls. Due to extreme termite damage in the walls (missing studs or partial studs) that have to be repaired to keep walls from crashing down. Not really pleased with contractor as we have to finish the little things they did not complete. But we have a new and clean restroom! Next, get the floor cleaned and waxed! Want to help? Call me.

Gene Randolph


St. Petersburg Chess Club

Welcome to the newest St. Petersburg Chess Club website!

This is where you can keep up to date with upcoming tournaments, news and interest games presented to you by SPCC.

Memberships are $60.00 per year for adults, $30.00 for students per year or $5.00 per day.

First time visit is free!

Each Member that brings in a NEW member will get $10.00 off his/her next years Dues!

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Friday Night Chess

Friday night speed chess, most of the time called “Blitz”, starts about 8:00 pm. But if Blitz is not your “speed”, play with different time controls or without the clock. But play, one on one with an opponent you can see! Online chess is mostly cheaters (using cell phone or computer engine) now days. Sure you might play one game against someone, but some how the next game you play that person plays at 2800 strength! So play with people you can see!! The world is becoming a digital playground, people are not able or want to face their fellow humans today. You see the masses walking in a daze with some kind of digital device in their hands. Do I need to mention spelling or grammar? Studies have been released saying that cell phone are as addicting as level 4 narcotics. Please, put down the cell phone and pick up a pawn.  We are open at 5:30 pm on Fridays and some of the better players (experts or masters) show up around 8 pm. Come on down to the oldest chess club in the nation in the same location. Love to see you, young and old, male or female, well just every body! If you want to learn how to play or learn to play even better, we can help as we have the best chess coaches in Tampa Bay!  The club is open Mondays, Wednesday and Friday from about 1 pm till the last member leaves and locks the door.   It is your move! 1. e4… best by test!

Gene Randolph , President


Thank You!

We wish to thank the parents for bring their children down to the chess club on Fridays.

From about 5:30 pm to around 8:30 pm the kids play chess and learn new ways to beat the adults! I just love it!

Christmas party information will be finalized shortly, so watch for updates!!

Come to the Chess Club to play REAL people, not online computers!


A Christmas Present from the City of St. Petersburg

The Club will be closed on December 2 and 3 do to the removal of the 83 year old floor and installation of a new floor! The checkered board square pattern will remain because we belong to the National Historic Registry. This is great news for the Club because we will have a new floor for the Annual Meeting and Party December 21. All are welcome to the Party!  Please bring a dish to add to the feast!          Merry Christmas!!       December 1 Sunday@ 1:00pm we will some help moving the tables and stuff outside so the floor can be done!


The floor looks Great!! New baseboards also! So we painted the columns .  I wish to thank the people that helped me get the stuff out and into the club during this time! The floor took longer expected to install (5 days) but the wait was worth it!

Come to the Chess Club to see the beautiful floor etc.

Tampa Chess Players!

We invite Tampa chess players to come to St. Petersburg Chess Club for tournaments run by the U.S.C.F. rules and regulations with complete fairness! We do not recommend or condone  playing in Hoffer’s Chess Academy Tournaments!!! SEE the latest site information  for Future Events At the St. Petersburg Chess Club!

Fischer vs. Spassky Game 6 1972