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Annual Meeting January 7, 2017 and Speed Championship!

Annual meeting to elect new officers and have a party to salute Gary Sanders (9 time Florida State Champion) who past away in November, then to finish off the day, a speed tournament for the St. Petersburg Chess Club. The Speed tournament will be 10 minute per side and $5.00 for non-members participating and the prizes are a Chronos Clock (Donated by Mr. Wright) to first place with your name on a plaque on the wall of the Chess Club! Please bring a dish for the party!! I’m bringing my wife’s Chilli as requested. All are invited to the Party!

Gary J Sanders, Sept. 19, 1952 – Nov. 29, 2016

Gary Sanders has past away this week. A Senior Master and  9 times Florida State Chess Champion and my best friend. I shall miss him dearly. Rest in Peace my friend!


Christmas Party 12/03/16 ON SATURDAY IS CANCELED!

The Annual Christmas Party is postponed till January. Date to be determined soon. Death in the chess family.

We Need Your Help!

This time of year the Club has some large expenses .  A review of the last few months indicates that it may have slipped some folks minds to pay their dues.  You can look at your membership card and it will tell you what month your due to pay. Our bank account is critically low after insurance payment was increased by 25%.
Please make your payment this week,  and remember we are a Non-Profit group , so, in order to be able to gather and play the game we love we have to keep the club open independently.
Thanks so much for your cooperation and your timely payment!!!
Gene Randolph

St. Petersburg Chess Club

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Christmas Party Will Be Fun!!

The St. Petersburg Chess Club’s Christmas Party will be held on December 21 this year. Elections and Club Speed Tournament are the same day! We ask that all that come to the party bring a dish or soft drink or a variety of snacks. Please let me (Gene) know what you intend to bring so we don’t have 50 bags of chips and nothing to drink!

We have dodged major problems this year. One particularly bad problem was the potential  closing of the club forever! With the help of the members, we beat that monster down! I wish to thank all who helped me this year and you know who you are, I am very grateful.

The President